Submit your ideas

All invited participants can (depending on the workflow configuration) submit their ideas (or whatever you have renamed the submission object to).

  1. Go to the details page of the campaign you want to participate in. Click "Submit" on the header of the page. Screenshot_2021-06-22_at_15.46.44.png
  2. Fill in the details that the Campaign Manager has configured in the Submission Configuration.
  3. Open the Relation tab to relate any necessary elements to contextualize your idea. This helps evaluators to better understand and sense the context and intention of your idea.
  4. Click either Save as Draft (in case you want to fine-tune your Idea first) or Submit your Idea straight away.Screenshot_2021-06-22_at_15.54.16.png

Invite colleagues to participate on your Idea as (Co-) Author

If you want to build a team for your Idea/Submission, you can invite other users to join as Authors. 

The Authors can get View and/or Edit permission for the Idea. By default, these users will not get any permissions, but this can be changed by the Campaign Managers for each Campaign.

Note: Only users invited to the Campaign can be added as Authors.

However, the Creator of the Element must be allowed to View and/or Edit the Element in the current workflow phase. The Authors will never have more permissions than the Creator of the Idea.


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