Change the layout of the explorer page

Choose the layout of the explorer page

There are two different layouts (Grid View and Table View) available in Explorer. To change the layout, go to View drop-down and select your preferred view.


Grid View 

The Grid View displays the elements as small tiles. Every tile consists of the following structure: 

  • Facts: Title, Profile image, Entity Type, Abstract, Modification Date
  • Collaboration: Number of Likes and Comments
  • Action on Hover: Like / Unlike, Follow / Unfollow, Rate, Open in new Tab, Edit, Delete


Table View

The Table View shows a slightly different set of information: 

  • Facts: Title, Entity Type, Created Date, Creator
  • Action on Hover: Preview, Open in new Tab, Follow / Unfollow, Rate, Delete

More elements can be grasped with one glance due to the more compact table structure.




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