Manage Radar segments

Radar Segments

Segments are categorization fields for a specific element type. Those segments are represented by the Radar. A segment can also have sub-segments. Therefore, categories created as segments can also be hierarchical. 


Segments are always displayed on the Radar visualization by default. Clicking any segment itself will expand the segment and show all sub-segments. You can then go back to segments view by clicking the Segment title again (1) or with the help of the Clear all Filters button (2).

Managing segments and sub-segments

Navigate to the segment configuration

To manage segments go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Segment/Sub-Segment and choose the respective category for which you want to adjust the Segments or Sub-Segments. 


Available actions

You can perform the following actions on your segments or sub-segments:

  • Edit or delete each of them separately by clicking the pen or trash icon on the very right side of the element.
  • Delete a few elements at the same time by selecting the checkboxes on the left side of the elements and clicking Update next to the Delete selected elements drop-down menu. 
  • Define the order in which the segments are displayed by dragging them via the cross icon on the very left side of the element.

Adding a new segment

To add a new Segment click the Add button on the Manage Segment interface. When you fill the form, click Save to continue. 


Adding a new sub-segment

To add a new Sub-segment click the Add button on the Manage Sub-Segment interface. Pay attention to selecting the right Segment from the Segment dropdown options. Once done, click Save.


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