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Rating is an essential activity in Innovation Management that helps you evaluate Trends, Technologies, and potentially every other entity type you created. Rating criteria can include general characteristics, such as maturity or disruptiveness, and company-specific parameters, like cost-saving potential, internal know-how, or implementation risk.

There are three ways to enter the rating page or rate an element:

1. Go to the detail page of an element and click the Rate now button.


2. Hover over an element card in the Explorer and click the Rate icon.


3. On the Radar (or any other visualization like Explorer, Tag Cloud, Portfolio), open the sidebar of an element and click the Rate icon.


Once you reach the rating pop-up, you'll see the rating bars and the spider chart that represents them. 

Enter and save ratings

Use the bars to enter your rating. You will notice that you can also leave comments on your ratings. Press Save once you are done. If context rating is enabled, you will also see for which rating context you are rating this element currently. The following information is stored for each user that submits a rating:

  • Who has rated
  • The actual rating given for the element
  • The exact time of the rating
  • The rating context of the user profile
  • Comments for each rating criteria


If you are rating an element that you have already rated before, you will not lose your previous rating by overwriting it with your current grade. The system instead saves both ratings, and you will be able to visit your ratings with the rating history feature.

Rating history

You can filter for different ratings in the following categories:

  • Who has rated
  • What was the rating criteria
  • What were the values of the rating criteria
  • When the rating was submitted

If you want to learn more about how rating works in the context of different users, check how to compare ratings.

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