Campaign setup: workflow configuration

The workflow of every campaign can in theory differ. When using the campaign blueprints you don't have to worry about the workflow configuration since you are relying on a predefined process for frequent campaigns.

Within the workflow configuration for each campaign you can define the following settings:

  1. Phase Selection
    The workflow configuration begins with the phase definition. Either you create your own phases or use the ones that are already in the system. You have to select at least two phases to start the campaign.
  2. Permissions
    The system provides different user roles which can be given permissions for certain actions throughout the workflow. These include permissions to create, edit, view, delete or rate submissions. Each phase can have its own permission scheme which is set via checkboxes. Screenshot_2021-06-22_at_15.35.05.png
  3. Configure Ratings
    Include rating by clicking on "Configure Ratings". Activate spider rating or standard rating and select at least three rating criteria which you can create on your own. Finalize the configuration by setting the permissions for the different user roles as well. Screenshot_2021-06-22_at_15.37.18.png
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