Apply filters to narrow down content

You can apply various filters in order to find the elements you are looking for.

How to find filters?

To open the filter menu, click the Filter button on the left side of your Explorer. You will see filters based on the settings applied by your application owner. 

How to apply filters?

Find the filter you want to apply and click to open the filter options. Next, select one or multiple options to apply the filter to your elements, and when ready click Save Filter.

To reset your filter options, click X next to the filter in the Active Filters area. Alternatively, you can uncheck the active filter from the drop-down menu.


Current user filter

As a user, I sometimes want to share a generic link with a preset of filters that are not only filtered for a specific user ID but in general, filtered for the current, logged-in user. For example, User A fills in the user search field "Technology Expert" with the value "Current User". User A shares the URL with user B. User B will see all elements where he/she is assigned as "Technology Expert.



Save filters

Active filters can be saved for later use. Click on the Save Filter button next to the active filters section and choose a name for it.


The Save button changes to an Update function if further filter criteria are added to a saved filter. 

Find saved filters in the Filter tab under the Saved Filter drop-down menu. Use the gear wheel icon to open the list of saved filters, where you can delete them via the Trash can icon.


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