How to search for elements?

The ITONICS Innovation platform provides two options to search for elements.

Option 1: Search for elements with the global search bar

The global search bar is located in the top right corner of the main navigation bar and is always visible. 


Start typing a search term in the search box. The 5 most recent elements whose title, abstract, description, or tags include the search term will be displayed. You can view all results by clicking on the "View all Elements" Button.


Option 2: Search for elements with the explorer search field

In the Explorer, you can search for certain elements by typing search term(s) in the search bar. To open the search bar, go to Explorer and click the Filter button. The search bar is located in the first tab.

The search is a full-text search, meaning that it scans every textual information that you might have configured for your entity types like title, abstract, description or other rich text fields.

The Explorer search bar adds your search term to the active filters when you hit enter. To clear the search, remove your search term from the active filters area by clicking on the X next to the filter.
The search help can be found via the question mark next to the search bar.


How to effectively use the explorer search field?

Your queries are split into Terms and Phrases, Fields, and operators:

  • Term: Single word, e.g. internet
  • Phrase: Several terms, combined by quotation marks: "Internet of Things"
  • Fields: Areas you are scanning: Title, Abstract, Description, Tags (by default all of them)

Search terms are not case sensitive: "ITONICS"="Itonics"="itonics". Operators are case sensitive: "OR" not "or".

Linking search terms

  • To widen search results, use: OR
    • eco OR green
    • Find items that contain either of the words "eco" or "green"
  • To narrow-down results use: AND or whitespace
    • eco AND green
    • eco green
    • Results will show only those items that contain both words
  • To exclude terms, use: NOT
    • eco NOT green
    • Results will show items that contain "eco" but not "green"

Modify search terms

  • Wildcard search: "*"
    • block*
    • Results will show items with "block", "blocks," or "blockchain"
  • Fuzzy search: "~"
    • foam~
    • Results will show items with "foam", "roam" or "foams"
  • Proximity search: "~" + number
    • "smart home" ~10
    • Results will show items that contain the terms within ten words of each other
  • Search Fields: "field:<term>"
    • title:car OR tags:automotive
    • Results will show items that contain "car" in the title or have a tag called "automotive"
    • Other possible field keywords are:"abstract: <term>" and "description: <term>"
    • Please do not add blank spaces between colon and search term
  • Group terms: (...)
    • (multi OR Omni) AND channel
    • Results will show items with either one of the terms in brackets and "channel"

If you want to further narrow down the search results you can also use other filters within the Explorer.

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